Getting Around

Valencia’s advanced transport system means that you’ll have no problems getting around without a car. There are bus and train routes to almost everywhere you could desire to go, to both close destinations and to other Spanish cities (see for train information). There is also a modern metro system, all of which are provided by the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV).

Purchasing a ‘Bono-10 Metrobus’ from a metro station is definitely advisable, as this will supply you with ten journeys on the metro and/or bus for only 7€.

Despite Valencia’s vast transport system, the majority of students buy bikes as Valencia is extremely flat. It is such an affordable and convenient way of travelling around the city. A word of advice however: buy a good lock (or two!) as bike-theft is a big problem in Valencia!

If you’re planning trips further afield, coaches from the bus station in Turia do tend to be cheaper than trains, with a single 4 hour trip to Madrid or Barcelona costing only 20€.