Eating Out

Valencia is known as the city of paella. It is therefore its no wonder the city is famous for to its wonderful gastronomic culture and is a food-lovers haven.

Valencia's economy has always relied heavily upon its seaside location. Some of the most common seafood that you're likely to come across on any restaurant's menu are sardines, hake, octopus, mackerel, cuttlefish, mussels, shrimp, prawns and many more. Naturally the Valencian speciality extends much further than paella Valenciana. Other typical Valencian foods include arroz negra, arroz al horno, allioli, bunuelos and olleta.

Restaurants in Valencia tend to be relatively inexpensive and creative with their dishes, the perfect combination for a Valencian dining experience. Be sure to try as many Valencia food dishes, drinks and tapas as possible!

You can find bars and restaurants serving up traditional Valencian food, seafood, paella and tapas throughout the city, here are some of the best…

La Pepica, Paseo Neptuno, 16; a former favourite of author and Spain-fanatic Ernest Hemingway, La Pepica is larger and more expensive than its neighbouring restaurants, but it is well worth the money, especially the seafood and the rice dishes. The walls are plastered with photos of appreciative, and often famous, diners.

La Lluna, c/ Sant Ramón, 23; with "La Huerta" providing the city with a vast array of fresh produce, vegetarian restaurant La Lluna offers great variety and an inexpensive menú del día at just 6€.

Las Cuevas, c/ Samaniego, 9; appropriately named "The Caves," this low-ceilinged restaurant is famous for its endless list of diverse tapas.

Bar Cánovas, Plaza Cánovas Castillo; known as one of Valencia's best tapas bars, it also serves typical Valencian meals and has a menú for just 5.40€.