Day Trippin'

If you decide that you want to travel a little and explore what the cities around Valencia have to offer, then you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to daytrips. The Renfe Cercanias (journeys to nearby places) are very affordable and leave from the main train station, Estacion del Nord, about once every hour.

Requena; is a pleasant old town; however, it’s the wine you'll be visiting for! Utiel Requena is the region's speciality, a red wine made from Bobal.

The Fiesta de Vendimia (August 23 - September 3) is Requena's big festival, where locals celebrate the end of the harvest. The most bizarre moment of the festival is the Noche de Zurra, when people march through the town asking God for good rain for the next harvest and get doused in water by people standing in the balconies above. Trains cost 4.75€ and take approximately 1h30.

Castellón; is the biggest city between Barcelona and Valencia. It’s is one of the most mountainous provinces in the whole of Spain and offers countless opportunities for travellers who enjoy rural tourism, mountain walks and sleepy villages. Castellón de la Plana is a historical city dating back to medieval times (13th century). It is situated between the sea and the 'Desert de les Palmas' mountain range and has a population of 140,000. Nowadays, the city is both modern and historical. The old quarter around the Plaza Mayor, the Plaza de Santa Clara and the Plaza de la Pescadería have many ancient buildings.

Benicassim; this town is best known for its rock festival, The 'Festival Internacional de Benicassim'. However, the town is also very popular with the Spanish and is well worth a visit purely as a beach resort. The Carmelite monastery can also be found in the Desierto de las Palmas a few miles outside of Benicassim. The journey by train takes an hour (although, inexplicably, at various times in the day the price is tripled so make sure you check the Renfe website for timetables.)

There are endless places that are worth a visit in and around Valencia. Here are just a few ideas:

La Lonja, the old hemp exchange.

Ten paintings by Zurbaran hang in the Convento de Capuchinas.


Many interesting museums e.g Museo de Bellas Artes, El Museo Etnológico de la Diputación, Museo de la Concatedral de Santa María. Train costs 15€ and takes 1h. You can however also travel with the Alsa bus company which works out about 10€ cheaper.