Out on the Town

The centre of the city is peppered with trendy bars to suit all tastes. From Irish pubs to Cocktail bars. From the Ice bar to arty wine bars, you really will be spoiled for choice. Clubbing however is more restricted as there are very few good clubs in the city centre. Those there are, tend to be overpriced and more like bars with loud music and half a dance floor. That said, “Gilda’s” on Via Mario de’Fiori, near the Spanish steps, is a good night out. It is a very trendy club amongst the Romans, although to most foreigners it is extremely cheesy. It is great fun however, if only a little expensive at 15€ a drink.

“La Maison”, just off Via Teatro Pace near Piazza Navona, is also very popular, less cheesy and less expensive, though it can be very hard to get in. Also try “Supperclub” on Via de’Nari where you can lie down on the big white sofas and watch jugglers, or enjoy a massage whilst sipping a cocktail.

Testaccio is the best area to go clubbing (Piramide metro B). You should in particular, check out “Radio Londra”, a really quirky club where all the barstaff are transvestites. Don't be mistaken though, it is not a gay club. In the summer, there is a dance floor outside and a “selector” who allows the “chosen ones” to enter by waving a silver stick at them. All the while, the "selector" is dressed in a futuristic jumpsuit, it really is something not to be missed!!