Getting Around

Rome is a cheap city to travel in as long as you have a ticket, as the fines are pretty steep. The bus/metro/tram routes run regularly and cover the entire city thoroughly. A simple ticket costs 1€ and lasts 75 minutes. In this time you can make 1 metro trip and as many bus and tram trips you like. You can also get to the beach in Ostia on that fare. A monthly pass is 30€, or 18€ for students studying at a Roman university. The price covers all transport, night and day. There are also passes that allow you to travel further out of the city ranging from around 39-105€ a month.

Taxis are everywhere and you can get anywhere within the city for 20€. You should not pay anymore than that unless it’s after midnight. Taxis from both Ciampino and Fiumicino airports are 40€, a price that has been set by the council to prevent drivers charging extortionate rates. Make sure they don’t overcharge you as Roman taxi drivers are notorious for ripping off foreigners. When taking a taxi, no matter when and where to, the meter should always be on tariff 1 and not tariff 2. The drivers will often try and get away with this as it almost doubles the fare. The map of Rome with the public transport routes is well worth getting!!