Eating Out

Eating out in Paris caters for all tastes as there is such a wide range of restaurants due to its multicultural nature. The number of restaurants available is outstanding and far too expansive to go into detail so we will leave this to be discovered! In every area, among the offers of world cuisine you’re almost certain to find your standard French bistro which is normally a safe bet for good traditional French food. Regarding price, eating out doesn’t have to break the bank, particularly if you opt for a set menu or ‘formule’, which although often limited in choice offer excellent value. Wine can also be very affordable as in most places the standard house wine is available by the carafe, often coming in 25cl or 50cl with the latter costing around 7-8 euros.

At lunch time a good thing to look out for as a student are the ‘formule etudiant’ available at most boulangeries or traiteurs, which normally consist of a large baguette sandwich, a drink and a dessert for around 5-6 euros.
One area which can be expensive is drinking in bars. For example a pint of beer will cost you around 7-8 euros and a ‘demi’ or half around 4 euros. Most bars do advertise a happy hour during the week but even then you will be lucky to find prices below 5 euros a pint.

Tourists are often frightened by the whole subject of French etiquette when it comes to cafes and restaurants. French waiters can certainly enjoy their power to keep you waiting if you rub them up the wrong way but as long as you stick to these simple rules you should be ok!

  • Unless stated most places will offer table service

  • Be patient, waiters will not necessarily rush over to you as soon as you sit down. Any awkward attempts to attract the waiter’s attention will often delay proceedings

  • Service charges are normally included in the bill but sometimes French people may leave a small nominal amount as an extra tip.