Day Trippin'

If you feel you want to explore beyond the centre of Paris there are several sites to see within its ‘couronne’ (the general Paris region) The town of Versailles with its famous chateau is well worth a visit, and takes only a short 20 minute ride on the RER to get to. The RER network is basically an extension of the metro system. The two mainlines are the A and the B which cross Paris East to West and North to South respectively. The RER is particularly handy for trips to both the Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports.

For a bit of greenery Paris has two huge parks, to the East the Bois de Vincennes and to the West the Bois de Boulogne. The former has a reputation as a bit of a red light district at nightime, though during the day it is a favourite destination for Parisian walkers, cyclists and horse riders. It is also home to the famous Auteuil and Longchamp horse race courses and on the edge lies the Roland Garros tennis courts which host the French Open in May/June, and the Parc des Princes football stadium, home to Paris St Germain, the city’s football team.

Tickets for the tennis can be hard to come by, though for the football tickets are generally easy enough to come by due to its 50,000 capacity. Tickets can be bought either at the stadium or at FNAC shops throughout the city. Paris’ largest stadium is the Stade de France which hosts national games and other ‘spectacles’. The ground is located just north of the city in Saint Denis and holds an impressive 80,000 people.