Day Trippin'

Sherwood Forest may seem like a place to tiptoe around, but as well as exploring the history behind the Robin Hood story, visitors can also Go Ape on an adult-sized assault course. The high rope bridges, swings and aerial runways are not for the faint-hearted, but show fun is not just for children, it can be for adults too.

One of the closest cities to Nottingham, and one worth exploring for its space museum, ancient ruins and sports stars, is Leicester, half an hour away by car. The city has two universities, which means there are plenty of places running student discounts on admission, food and drinks. Nottingham is also not far from Loughborough, which is the most prestigious university for sport in the country. Aside from Sherwood Forest there is some beautiful scenery in-between to explore either by bike or on foot. Check out some of the bike trails around Nottingham for more.