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Nottingham is more famous for its legends than for its recorded history. The story of Robin Hood and his Merry Men who reputedly lived in Sherwood Forest robbing from the rich and giving to the poor has stood the test of time to be a major tourist lure.

But Nottingham is more than fairytales. A great medieval castle has presided over the city since it was built by the Normans in 1068. As well as a defensive settlement, Nottingham remains famous for its wool an... read more about Nottingham

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Nottingham Express Transit offers discounted bus and tram EasyRider cards from £40, which... More

Day Trippin'

Sherwood Forest may seem like a place to tiptoe around, but as well as exploring the history... More

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Different dietary requirements, such as Halal and Kosher meals, are catered for by the... More

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