Out on the Town

Madrid is a fantastic city which has nightlife to suit all tastes. In the summer months, it is popular for people to meet up in small cafes in the plazas and sip drinks until the sun goes down. Once it is dark, late night bars become livelier and the streets are packed full of people wanting to have a good time.

Sol (metro line 1&2) is a great area to go out at night, as well as areas such as Tribunal (metro line 1&10). In the Sol area, Dubliners is a popular Irish bar to visit which is usually full of other Students from the UK, America and Ireland. It is cheap and has a great atmosphere. However, if you fancy trying something a bit more authentic, then head to Calle Principe, just off Plaza Santa Ana (close to Sol). Here, there is a small bar called ´Sessamo’. The speciality here is jugs of Sangria, for a very good price. It is a small underground bar which has a lovely atmosphere and a live pianist playing throughout the night. The majority of bars are open till late. Usually till 2, 3 or 4 in the morning.

After bars, people tend to head to one of many great clubs in Madrid. Kapital is Madrid’s largest club. It has 8 floors and even a cinema. However, it is pricey to get in and drinks are expensive too. Expect to pay 18€ entry, with drinks costing as much as 11€ for a spirit and mixer. It is an excellent place to party though; with a great mix of music. Each floor has a different genre and anything from dance music to Spanish salsa is played through out the night. Kapital is at its best on weekends and is open till the early hours.

Another great club is Joy Eslava. Joy used to be a theatre but was then converted into this ‘discoteca’. It is situated just off from Sol. Entry price into this club is reasonable, and if you’re lucky enough to catch one of the PR people, you can even get free entry passes.

If you fancy something a bit different (and slightly more expensive!), the area of Salamanca is great. The streets are lined with trendy bars and trendy people too. Be sure to dress your best as entry could be refused if not smart enough!

Remember though, nightclubs as we know them in England are not called nightclubs in Spain. When you are heading out make sure you go to ‘discotecas’ because if you enter a ‘nightclub’, you could be in for a shock because in Spain they use that name for adult establishments.