Accommodation for students in London

Getting Around

London is famous for its red double-decker buses, Hackney carriages or black cabs and the tube, which is the world’s oldest underground railway, dating back to the 1850s. The special 18+ Student Oyster grants 30 per cent discounts on buses, tubes and some overland trains. Registration is £5 with a passport photo, course dates and enrolment number at travel information shops around the city.

The transport planner at Transport For London can help international students find their way around. The famous red buses are generally the cheapest way to travel, but they can also be the longest. Although there is now a congestion charge for private vehicles, the city roads can still get very busy, especially during rush hour at 09:00 and 17:00.

There are more than 250 underground stations, which are categorised in zones ranging from one, nearest the city of London to nine on the outskirts. By far a better, but less frequently taken option, is to walk short distances using a good map. London tube guides can be deceptive, with some stops fewer than five minutes walk away from each other. Do not be afraid to explore on foot, it might lead to some surprising finds.

The capital is well served by a number of airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton and London City Airport. So the good news for international students is that you are never far from home. You will find that air fares are often cheaper when flying from an airport like Luton, which is about an hour’s drive from central London.

Hop on the Eurostar train at St Pancras train station to be on the continent in under an hour. There are direct trains to Paris and Brussels as well as plenty of connections to other destinations. Single tickets for young people from London to Paris range from £40 and there are special night clubber fares for party-goers at the weekend.

Try to stick to black cabs when hailing a taxi. Not only is the Hackney carriage a symbol of England, but their drivers have to be licensed by the London authority. Black cab drivers must pass an entrance exam before they can work on one of these taxis and are more likely to know where they are going than a private hire cab.

Accommodation for students in London