Accommodation for students in London

Eating Out

International food is one of the highlights of living in London. Expect everything from Ethiopian cuisine in Kentish Town to 24-hour bagels in Finsbury Park. Although London rents are high compared with the rest of the country, eating out does not have to be expensive. High street cafes, dubbed greasy spoons by the British for their deep-fried take on food, usually serve up English breakfast from £3, including pub chain Wetherspoons. Traditional fish and chips comes cheap at about £3 and there are plenty of foreign foods on offer, including Halal and Kosher.

A popular place for international students is Borough Market at London Bridge tube station. It is London’s largest market for global food and drink. Prices are reasonable and there are plenty of opportunities for shoppers to try before they buy. Marinated tofu, French cheese and succulent Mediterranean olives are among the specialities.

Accommodation for students in London