Accommodation for students in London

Day Trippin'

If there wasn’t enough to do inside the city limits, London is an hour’s train ride away from the southern coastal city of Brighton - the gay capital of England and popular with international travellers. To the west is the cider town of Bath nestled among the apple orchards. Bath has the only source of natural hot spring water in the UK. Check out Leeds Castle in Kent for a taste of medieval England and some fresh air. Due to advances in rail, train times are also being slashed year-on-year making it easier to reach cities in the north. Manchester, for example, is two-and-a-half-hours away.

However, those that want to get away but cannot afford it can take advantage of London’s plentiful green spaces. There are eight royal parks in total, four of which join up to provide a sizeable green belt in the west. Hampstead Heath in the north of London is much-talked about for its vantage points over the urban area as is Greenwich to the south. Cemeteries also provide breaks in the city sprawl, with tours around Highgate Cemetery’s famous graves, such as those of Karl Marx and Michael Faraday.

Accommodation for students in London