Day Trippin'

Liverpool is a great base from which to explore England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic because of its excellent transport links. Within 45 minutes rail passengers could be in Manchester, supporting famous football sides Manchester United and Manchester City as well as boogying to the popular indie music scene.

Students looking for a break from the city will find national park, the Lake District, less than two hours north by train. Hiking, walking and camping are available here at this massive oasis of farmland, mountains and lakes. In contrast, the starker moorland of the northern part of the Peak District is worth a trip for visiting quaint villages, talking wilderness walks and eating out in traditional country pubs.

Taking off to a new country from Liverpool by boat could be fun, but don’t forget the Republic of Ireland operates with a different currency to the rest of the British Isles. Factor in the exchange rate from Sterling to Euros when visiting Dublin. This magical city offers Irish music, Gaelic history, a museum devoted to Guinness and plenty of laughs in the Temple Bar area.