City Guide



Introduction to Liverpool

People were encouraged to settle in Liverpool in the 1200s by King John who wanted to create a port free from the control of dockland landlord the Earl of Chester. The city became home to the UK’s first wet dock in 1715 and enjoyed trade from the West Indies, Ireland and Europe.

The population of Liverpool has now been put at about 436,000 people. The city’s rich cultural heritage, as the birthplace of the 1960s pop band the Beatles and football teams Liverpool FC and Everton FC, led to its selection as European City of Culture in 2008, which saw the city undergo massive redevelopment.

The city centre

The city centre spreads to Albert Docks along the banks of the River Mersey in the west to the imposing Catholic and Anglican cathedrals in the east. The main shopping area is the fantastic new Liverpool ONE, it stretches from the Albert Dock all the way to Church Street. It offers all the high street shops and a good selection of bars and restaurants.

Mathew Street

This area is steeped in memorabilia from a band that is synonymous with Liverpool, the Beatles. The world-famous Cavern Club located here has hosted bands from the Fab Four to the modern-day Arctic Monkeys. Don’t forget to pay the statue of Eleanor Rigby on Stanley Street a visit after the Beatles song of the same name, which was dedicated to ‘All The Lonely People’ in the song lyrics. Tributes include flowers and even the odd pint of beer.

Hardman Street

This area is a hub for students of John Moores University. The student union and library are both located parallel to this street, which is also close to the arts and humanities campus by the towering Anglican Cathedral, which is must-see for its panoramic view of the city. St Luke’s bombed-out church at the bottom of the hill proves a stark reminder of how far the city has come since the devastation of World War Two to European City of Culture in 2008.

Albert Dock

Not only is Albert Dock a great place to visit Liverpool’s art and cultural attractions, but it’s widely touted as the best place to spot footballers off-duty from the city’s Premiership sides. The restaurants and bars here are high-class, so be prepared to open the wallet when eating or drinking here. This is the place to come for the art gallery Tate Liverpool and to tour the Beatles Story, which is available for international visitors in different languages.

Concert Square

Looking for somewhere to relax in the city in the summer time? Although there are few city centre parks, there’s a huge beer garden shared between numerous bars and eateries called Concert Square in Liverpool. Modo and Arena bars vie for local custom with cut price cocktails that have been known to attract extras from one of the region’s popular student soap operas, Hollyoaks.