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Stone Age canoes unearthed in Glasgow suggest this settlement began as a small Celtic fishing village before the Roman invasion. Through the ages, Glasgow grew into the UK’s busiest trading centre outside London, diversifying from tobacco exports, to sugar imports, to ship building, locomotives then tourism.

Glasgow has changed tack and changed tack again in order to keep its conurbation of 2.3 million residents afloat, which is almost half of the entire... read more about Glasgow

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Out on the Town

As the biggest city in Scotland, Glasgow hosts several world-famous acts. Off-campus check the... More

Eating Out

By signing up for a list card in addition to a university union card, students can get... More

Day Trippin'

Glasgow is an hour’s drive from the coastal city of Edinburgh, which promises a royal tour... More

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Clifton and Stewart House

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1 Clifton Place, Glasgow