City Guide



Introduction to Exeter

The city of Exeter is located in Devon in southwest England, and is arguably one of the best cities in the country to study in. Not only is Exeter a beautiful city in which to live, it offers students plenty of shops, bars, cafés, restaurants and clubs.

For those that are into clubbing, then Arena is hugely popular on a Tuesday and Thursday night and discounts to students are available. This is your classic city nightclub offering a mixture of R&B, hip-hop and your must-have bit of cheese! If this is not quite your scene and you are looking for something a little different The Cavern is Exeter's home of alternative music. With great indie and drum 'n' bass nights, this is the place that the serious music lovers tend to hang out.

For the days you have free from studying, Exeter has plenty to offer – and for those who are not afraid of heights, the city has excellent climbing opportunities, with two indoor climbing sites.

Image credit: Quayside Exeter Devon UK on the River Exe, Peter Titmuss/123RF stock photo