Get covered!

As a new generation embark upon the amazing adventure that is university, with the promise of new friends and exciting experiences, students might be forgiven for forgetting about some really important things! A really crucial part of any student's university living arrangements is to invest in a good quality student insurance policy.

While many don't believe it would ever happen to them, the truth is students are vulnerable to theft due to owning more expensive consumer goods per head than any other demographic. Couple this with accidental damages to mobiles, laptops and TVs, as well as lost keys, and students can easily find themselves well out of pocket if they haven't taken out student insurance.

Before you rush out and buy student insurance it is important to do a bit of research. Much university accommodation comes with a basic level of insurance and, while this will not cover laptops and the like, it will give students a basic protection. The vast majority of student contents insurance providers will allow you to pick out the level of cover you think you need, allowing you to cover the items most valuable to you and so you aren't paying for cover you do not need.

Student insurance tends to cover items such as laptops, mobiles, bicycles and household items, though it is best to check that laptops are covered by the policy. It is also important to check these items are covered outside of the accommodation, for example if you take your laptop to lectures.

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