10 top ways to save money when moving

As a student you will be moving! From your parents' house to uni and then from the halls of residence or house with other students, to a fab pad with your new found pals, all great exciting and liberating times. There is however just the small matter of the cost. Professional moving companies can cost a packet so it may well be a good idea to just think about truck rental and with the help of friends, armed with the following advice you can move painlessly and cheaply. Leaving you more money in your pocket for the better things in life, like the SU bar.

Truck hire sharing

A bright way of cutting the expense at the start and end of term is to do a bit of truck sharing. Find people that you are going to be living with, or close to and all chip in and hire a truck for the day. This can save a great deal of money and of course you can all pitch in and help each other with the moving – many hands as the saying goes!

Summer storage

Often when you are moving from one house to the next over the summer period you will have to pay rent on a property your are not living in. This is the time to be clever and store your stuff nearby and move out. It is a lot cheaper to have your moving boxes in storage until you move to your new place than to pay rent on a house you are not living in!

Save money on pack supplies

Find out what you will need before you purchase packing supplies so you don't overspend. Also, get great tips on saving money by getting some stuff for free. There are many places you can get packing boxes such as local small supermarkets.

Take the shirt off your back

We all like to keep ourselves in nice outfits and have a nice selection of clothes but with all the moving and life as a student you can leave the special outfits behind. You might need your dinner jacket at the end of term but you can safely say you will not need it when you are hitting the town at the weekend, same applies for your 'wear once a year best dress'. Have your parent post it down to you when you need it and save you the hassle of lugging it around. If you have stuff you never wear you should consider donating the clothes to charity.

Just take what you need not ‘I might need it someday’ items

We all are guilty of hoarding but now is the perfect time to realise that you do not need to be dragging around various items from place to place. Think about what you do need and leave it at that. At university all the ‘I might need it someday items’, trust me you will not need. Sell Or Donate? Ask your self the question ‘when was the last time I used this?’ If you cannot remember then sell it or donate it to someone who needs it! This will raise much needed cash.


Get an account, it is very easy to sort out, and advertise all your unwanted stuff. You'll be amazed to see how your junk can become someone else's treasure.

Advertise in the classifieds

For more expensive items, it pays to put an ad where the interest is. Many people still use the local paper to buy items and you can find yourself a buyer nearby to get yourself some much needed cash.

Car boot sale

Old fashioned way of hawking your goods from the back of a car and a table. Brilliant way to have a day out and sell all your un-wanted stuff. At the end of the day sell everything that you have left for a fixed price to avoid taking anything home at all!

Donate to your favourite charity

A great thing to do would be to take your unwanted items to a local charity shop where people will wear that shirt you never do and you can give back to the community. This will help you clear stuff to save money on your move and give you a good sense of wellbeing to boot!

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