Out on the Town

Berlin is the home of techno electro. But with the ever-growing influence of American and British music, there are more indie rock and roll and R&B clubs emerging on the Berlin club scene every week.

Whatever your musical tastes however, you are sure to find a club that tickles your fancy. Most club nights are heavily advertised, but if you are looking for a specific kind of venue, then it is advisable to pick up a free copy of Berlins cultural magazine ‘030’, found in most H&M stores. You can also try the English text magazine ‘Ex-Berliner’, sold by street vendors for around 2€. If it is traditional house beats you’re into, then you really are spoilt for choice. The most popular clubs are: ‘Weekend’ and ‘Watergate’, both over-looking the River Spree and offering amazing scenery whilst the sun rises in the early hours behind the DJ booth.

If you are new to Berlin and need a helping hand, there are several organised pub crawls, mostly located around Oranienburgerstr in North East Berlin. They offer free shots and entrance into 5 clubs, all for around 12€. Berliners are nocturnal at the weekend, and the party doesn’t usually get started until the early hours, so if you want to get started early despite the locals still being at home, try going for pre-party drinks at Hackescher Markt and then heading off to the club around 1am.