Getting Around

Just as stereotyped, the public transport system in Berlin is efficient, reliable and always on time. However, that is when it isn’t on strike. That point aside, if you want to get to point A from point B in X amount of time, then it’s more than likely that you will probably be Y minutes early as you have under-estimated how efficient this system really is.

If you are taking public transport, there are 5 options: Bus, Tram, U-Bahn, S-Bahn and the Regional Bahn. How often you will actually use these modes of transport ultimately depends on where you are living in Berlin, for example Trams only run in East Berlin. It is common however, to have to change lines and modes of transport regularly, as despite there being so many options it is quite rare that you can get to your destination without having to ‘absteigen’ and ‘ansteigen’ at some point.

Ticket prices are reasonably priced. Ranging from 6.10€ for a day ticket and 49.50€ for a monthly ticket, starting from 10am each day (applicable for every mode of transport). All the information you will need is on the ‘BVG’ website;, including a map of the transport network and an application which shows the best route of your desired journey.

Being typically European and energy efficient, many Berliners opt for transport by bicycle. This is often preferred due to the number of strikes and the fact that Berlin’s landscape is extremely flat with hundreds of visible bike lanes. But BEWARE!, If making a long distance journey, you can take your bike on the S-Bahn BUT you must be in possession of a ticket for yourself AND the bike - if a ticket inspector finds you with the wrong ticket it’s 40€ in his back pocket!