Eating Out

Barcelona has a wide range of restaurants varying from cheap local bars to expensive fish restaurants.

"El Bigote" is tucked away near the Barceloneta on Carrer de la Reina Cristina. Here they will make you any kind of “bocadillo” filled with local meats and vegetables or provide you with nibbles and tapas. The atmosphere is heaving as the crowds munch away, standing up and drinking their fizzy home-made wine. The shop at the back allows you to buy their local products. This is a perfect place for a cheap snack near the sea.

For sushi-lovers, I highly recommend Kynoto, a Japanese restaurant in the heart of Gracia. Book before you go as it is very popular for its delicious and inventive menu at a reasonable price (0034 932 682 540).

Most fish restaurants along the beachfront can be too touristy and a rip-off. It is often better to eat just off the Barceloneta, in the port area, Plaza de Pau Villa. It is pricy but well-worth an expensive meal out with a view overlooking the port and succulent dishes.