Should I study abroad?

It’s the most all-encompassing life-changing experience you could ever hope for

From the moment you get off the plane, your life path changes. You’ll be challenged in ways large and small which will contribute to your personal growth. The ease of life back home is gone and you will find yourself learning new skills which will become part of your core, giving you a boost of self-confidence and a sense of ‘I can do this!’

It’s really the only way to master another language

You’ve tried language-learning software, seeking out native speakers, watching foreign films without reading the subtitles. But nothing matches living in the foreign culture as an effective way to master a foreign language in its context. You’ll pick up survival terms you’d never learn in a classroom back home: vocabulary for setting up your new flat, dealing with a health situation, or opening a bank account. Because you’ll be surrounded by the ambient sound of the host country’s language, you’ll soak it up quickly. You’ll be amazed when you return home how much more your language skills have progressed compared with students who didn’t go abroad.

Never underestimate the value of study abroad on your résumé

In today’s global economy, employers want to see that their potential employees have what it takes to work with different types of people. The fact that you chose to live in a foreign environment says a lot about who you are: someone who is willing to embrace a challenge, who is adaptable and sensitive to different cultures, who is savvy enough to navigate a country not his own. If you can show you have mastered a foreign language, that makes you a strong candidate for any multinational company looking to hire fresh talent.

You’ll learn skills which will last a lifetime

Alongside the obvious language skills, you’ll keep a basketful of lifeskills from your time abroad: a sense of accomplishment, a memory of how you met a challenge head-on, an enhanced self-awareness as you discovered who you were when removed from the safety and comfort of your home country. Students who spend time abroad carry themselves with more self-confidence; they have proven to themselves that they can flourish when living in a foreign environment.

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